Who Is Kacey Campbell

Kacey is a Canadian singer-songwriter, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. She creates a unique brand of uplifting and inspiring music. Kacey's role models range from singers like Yolanda Adams, MaryMary, Whitney Houston & Brian McKnight. Kacey found her vocals around 10 years of age, then expanded her singing during high school, attending choir and talentshows. .



Kacey has a unique sound that renders in the following genres.

  • Truth

  • Gospel

  • R&B

  • Pop

headshot of kacey

Current Music

Kacey is currently focused on a new album. She is working on her first Gospel/Truth Music EP.
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Listen to her most recent song "I Can't Deny".

Kacey Campbell · I Can’t Deny- Kacey